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Daisypatch Bernedoodle kids

flower daisy 1.jpg

Abby and Sutton blessed us with 3 boys and 3 girls on  February 10, 2021... all tri-colored Bernedoodles.

Abby 003.JPG
Abby's puppies 3 weeks in pool with snug
Sutton in grass.jpg
Abby's puppies 3 of them 5 weeks.jpg
Abby's boys 7 weeks 2.jpg

Bermuda is such a cool dude.

"Bermuda" has the most amazing personality.  He will be someone's loyal best friend, wants to please and be right beside you with his calm, gentle but playful nature. He is a very, very quick learner... knows sit, come, and is working on stay and wait, and is potty training.  He gets along with and plays equally well with bigger dogs and small dogs. He spends a good bit of the day outside playing with a couple of his siblings (who are staying here), comes inside and plays with the smaller Shih Tzu and then just lies down and relaxes with the family.

Bermuda 13 weeks 001.JPG
Bermuda 13 weeks 010.JPG

Milo is loving his new life on the farm with Gabi

Chunky Monkey Milo is home with Gabi.jpg
Milo and Gabby.jpg

Elvis is full of personality, just like his namesake.  He will draw attention anywhere he goes. He has lots of energy and loves to play with his new furry friends on the farm with Debbie and Darren.   He is definitely "the King".  

Abby's Elvis in box 5 weeks.jpg
Elvis March 2022.jpg

Kena is a big girl. She is full of energy but is also very loving and affectionate.

She lives with Kathy and Lane and the other fur babies... Abby, Rex, Jasmine and Pork Chop. We hope for some beautiful babies in the future from Kena and Rex.

Abby's maybe Kena 5 weeks.jpg

Lollipop lives with Nanny Gail and enjoys romping with her big "cousins", Maggie (BMD) and Amos (Great Pyrenees).  We are hoping Lollipop and Rex will bless us with some colorful (tri, chocolate, chocolate/white, black/white or chocolate phantom) baby Bernedoodles in the future.

Abby's Lollipop in Easter basket 5 weeks.jpg


 Saylor is the best of both worlds... or dogs, that is. She has the sweet, gentle nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the playfulness of the Poodle. She is incredibly smart and the biggest lap dog you will ever meet.

Abby's Sailor in Easter basket 5 weeks.jpg

Abby and Sutton litter born March 10, 2022, 2 boys and 5 girls, all tri-color

flower daisy 1.jpg
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