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Bernedoodle Puppy Application:

We are now taking and reviewing applications for upcoming litter of puppies.  No deposits will be accepted unless your application has been approved.  If your application is approved, we will notify you via email. A $500 deposit is NON-refundable.  Deposits are not taken until you have chosen your puppy at approximately 4-6 weeks of age so that we have some idea of size and temperament of each puppy.  Deposits may be made in cash (do not send cash through the mail) or via USPS money order. Deposits only refundable due to illness or death of puppy prior to you receiving puppy.  This is a lifetime commitment so please consider this carefully before making a deposit to hold a puppy.  Balance  is due when you pick up your puppy. The balance due is payable in cash, only. As a breeder, we recognize that unexpected, unfortunate events can happen and, should you at any point not be able to care for this puppy/dog, we reserve the right to take said puppy/dog back and find a suitable home for it.  We just want to assure that none of our puppies ever end up in a shelter or worse.

Breeder reserves right to keep back pick of the litter.

Copy and paste application to my
email at

Bernedoodle application

Name: ________________________________
Street address: ____________________________
City and state: ____________________________
How did you hear about Daisypatch? ________________
Do you or have you had other dogs/what kind? ___________
Why have you chosen a Bernedoodle? _________________
Do you have a preference for male or female/why? ________

Tell me about you and your family members (who live with you
and who might often visit/ages and life style): ___________
Do you have other pets?  If so, tell me about them: __________
If you have other dogs, are they spayed or neutered? ________
Where will puppy be kept and who will be caring for puppy? _____

Do you work outside the home and, if so,  how will you be caring for
the puppy's needs? ___________________________
Do you have a fenced in yard (not required)?  ___________
How many dogs/cats have you owned in the past 5 years?  ___
Have you ever surrendered a pet back to a breeder, animal shelter,
rescue, or given away to an individual? ____________________
Are you aware of the grooming and vet requirements for this
breed?  Are you able to pay for routine as well as any emergencies
that may arise? _______________________
Have you done research on this breed? _______________
Veterinarian/references: _______________________
Other comments/things you would like us to know about
yourself/your family: ________________________
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  We will
probably be asking you more questions as we process 
applications.  We want on the best forever homes for our babies
and want the best "fit" for each puppy/family.


Date: ____________

I agree to purchase this male/female Bernedoodle puppy with CKC registration # _____________   

Microchip # ____________________

Sire: ___________________________     Dam: __________________________

Color: ___________________________  Date whelped: _____________________

Price: __________________

Non-refundable deposit amount: $ ______________  Received on: ___________________

Remaining balance: ____________________  Received on: ____________________

Your puppy is guaranteed to be healthy at time of purchase. For this guarantee to be valid, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 3 (three) days of the date of purchase. During the initial exam, should your veterinarian find a medical problem, you must contact me at the time of vet check. If a medical condition exists not common to this breed and is said to be a life-threatening condition, a replacement puppy (or full refund of purchase price) will be given upon returning the puppy within 72 hours. If the puppy is out of state, the puppy must be returned within 7 (seven) days. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses. A puppy must be returned with the registration papers and a statement from the veterinarian certifying the diagnosis, including the date. The breeder has one year to provide replacement puppy of equal value and the same gender from the next available litter.  Replacement warranty will be terminated if the puppy was abused, neglected or does not have up to date records of vaccinations and fecal records. If a problem exists and the buyer does not return the puppy, he/she will be responsible for all vet bills incurred. Breeder will not be responsible for any of the veterinary fees charged for the initial examination or for any other veterinary services rendered on that first visit.

The puppy is guaranteed for any/all life-threatening hereditary conditions for 2 (two) years. This does not include conditions such as worms, umbilical hernias, orthopedic injury.  Coccidiosis can manifest itself in a stressed puppy and treatment for this condition is not covered by this guarantee. If a major life-threatening hereditary condition does occur, the puppy will be replaced. Breeder has up to one year to replace puppy.

If sudden death should occur, a necropsy must be performed, and a report given to the Seller, to be verified by the Seller's veterinarian, to verify the cause of death.  If death occurred from a congenital problem, a replacement puppy of same sex and equal value will be given.  Breeder has one year to replace puppy.

Your puppy will have had its first puppy vaccination at 7 weeks. The vaccine series needs to be repeated every 3-4 weeks for a total of three to four puppy shots. It is your responsibility to make sure the puppy is vaccinated at those ages. If your puppy is exposed to parvo and/or distemper before the full vaccine schedule is completed, he/she can be susceptible to those viruses. IT IS RECOMMENDED that you do not take your puppy to places he/she might come in contact with these viruses (such as pet stores, dog parks, etc.) or allow strangers to pet or come in contact with your puppy until he/she has had a full series of puppy vaccinations. I will not be responsible for a puppy if re-vaccinated before the 3 weeks interval. He/she will also need a Rabies shot at the age determined by your veterinarian. You will be responsible for future vaccinations.

If the Seller determines that the Buyer is not suited for a Bernedoodle puppy for any reason, the Seller has the right to cancel the sale before the delivery of the puppy. The Buyer's deposit will be refunded upon cancellation.

Buyer agrees and understands that the size and color is only an estimate depending on the previous repeat litter or size of parents. There is no guarantee as to how big or what color said puppy will be at adult/full grown age.

Spaying and neutering of this puppy is recommended. Please do your research on this and confer with your vet. Larger breed dogs require more time to mature and it is recommended that most large breed dogs are not spayed/neutered before a year of age. During this time, before spaying/neuter, you will need to keep a close eye on your dog and not allow a breeding to take place. 

If, for any reason, at any time, Buyer is not able to care for or cannot keep this puppy/dog, Buyer must give Seller first option to take puppy/dog back. This is to ensure that the puppy will not be passed from one family to another without my knowledge or does not end up in an unwanted situation, shelter, or rescue. No dog deserves to be dumped in a shelter or feel unwanted.

All puppies are placed in pet homes only, not to be bred.  Buyer agrees not to breed this puppy unless prior arrangements have been made with Seller.  

You will have been given a sample of the puppy food we are currently feeding your puppy. We recommend a feeding schedule of 2-3 times a day. We encourage not to overfeed as you do not want the puppy to grow too fast. Your puppy will have period of rapid growth, sometimes filling out and sometimes getting taller. During this time, his/her joints are not fully mature and exercise, though necessary, needs to be monitored. Do not let him/her play too rough to the point he/she could do serious injury to joints/growth plates.

This contract is non-transferable and void if puppy changes ownership from Buyer stated above. Failure of the Buyer to comply with any condition of the Agreement will relieve the Seller of any obligation to the Buyer.

I have read this contract, understand fully, and will abide completely in order to keep this guarantee in full affect.

Name of Buyer: ______________________________________________

Adress: ________________________________________________

City: _____________________________  State: ___________________

Zip: _____________________________  Phone: ___________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________

Signature of Buyer: ___________________________________   Date: _____________

Signature of Seller: ____________________________________  Date: _____________

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